Skin Needling is a facial rejuvenation treatment used to improve skin tightness, tone, and texture as well as reducing the appearance of scars and wrinkles.

Often referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy, it delivers amazing results in refining the skin and a must when wanting to revise acne scarring and pre-mature wrinkling.

Dermapen 4 Skin Needling

Dermapen 4 is the most advanced needling system ,delivering faster and safer results.

By creating controlled micro channels deep within the skin,we can stimulate fibroblasts and encourage the body to release platelets and growth factors, triggering the natural healing process.

The body responds by producing more collagen and elastin which generates new skin cells, improving the skins integrity resulting in a stronger, thicker, softer, plumper and firmer skin-Rewrite your skins history with this incredible treatment!

Treatment includes LED $350.00 +
Hyla Active Infusion mask add on $20.00

How Many Treatments Are Recommended?(General Guide)

Rejuvenation 3-6 treatments 6-8 weeks apart
Acne Scarring 4-6 treatments 6-8 weeks apart
Stretch Marks 4-8 treatments 6-8 weeks apart
Pigmentation 4-6 treatments 2-4 weeks apart

How Long Before I See Results?

Typically,you will see results after the 1st treatment.

The condition of your skin will continue to improve over the next 6-12 months after a series of treatments.

Is There Any Down Time After Treatments?

You may experience mild redness ,similar to sunburn. Then within 24hours light scabs will begin to appear and may take a week or so to shed.


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