Are You Ready For Younger-Looking Skin?

This treatment from DMK is an intensive resurfacing procedure that is recommended for those wanting dramatic results.

As we age,our skin begins to show the signs of environmental damage-mostly caused by the sun and environmental stressors.

DMK’S Pro AlphaPeel and Remodelling Procedure(RP) are both designed to lift away layers of sun-damaged,pigmented,ageing skin -revealing a much younger,healthier and vibrant skin.

This is a great treatment option when revising scarring.

*Please note this is a 10 day process with some down time.

The Peel Process

Each peel requires its own preparation and skin support program,and will be tailored to you and your specific needs.

Generally,most clients will prepare the skin with a few Enzyme Therapy Treatments to strengthen the skin and encourage optimal skin functioning.

Healthy skin always heals better!

Pre and post-home care are also a requirement to ensure optimal results.


Application of Pro Alpha or RP solution-this will feel hot and stingy and skin will appear shiny and red post-treatment.

Day 2

2nd application of solutions-this will feel slightly more intense than the previous day.

Day 3-4

Skin may begin to peel, redness is still apparent.


1st Lift-Off Treatment,this involves an Enzyme Treatment followed by a Transepidermal Infusion to nourish the skin.

Day 6-9

Dead skin will continue to shed.

Day 10

2nd Lift Off Treatment and infusion.


Internationally trained and with 30 years experience Victoria and her highly trained staff invite you to share their passion and begin your DMK journey to achieving beautiful, vibrant skin.


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