Reactive skin

DMK skin technicians do not refer to skin as sensitive. Skin is not sensitive, it is strong and programmed to regenerate.

Skin that shows indications of redness, inflammation and welts is considered to be reactive. Skin reacts to an internal imbalance in function, most commonly trans epidermal water loss. Reactivity is the effect of an imbalance in internal processes.


Eczema is a condition of trans epidermal water loss, where the barrier function and bi-layers do not hold or retain vital moisture. The skin becomes dry, cracked, inflamed and may even bleed.


Dermatitis is not a condition, but an umbrella term used to describe an inflamed skin condition. Once the cause of the inflammation is established, it is called contact dermatitis.


Rosacea is defined by a lack of structural integrity, trans epidermal water loss and an impaired immune response. If left untreated rosacea can be stubborn to revise and disfiguring.


Early stage rosacea exhibits redness, inflammation, and may even appear a little bruised in appearance. Late stage rosacea will have acne like pustules and watery lesions.


Psoriasis is a condition where instead of cells regenerating every 28-30 days they regenerate every 2-4 days. It is typically a genetic condition of excess plaque.


There are several contributing factors to the condition of fragile weakened capillaries. Excess dead cell material creates a negative impact on the underlying vessels causing the capillaries to become stretched and weak.


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